ETC Fall Festival features a series of interactive experiences called “worlds” that first-year Masters students have created in our Building Virtual Worlds course.

The worlds shown in Festival have been selected by a jury of faculty & experts — to highlight the wide variety of experiences we create at ETC.


WiFries — RPIS 1306

Icaros, Vive Tracker | 1 Player

The game immerses guests into the role of a fast-food worker, using unconventional controls ‘Icaros’ to simulate the physicality of the job. Leveraging body movements and balance, guests scoop fries, pour them into boxes, and efficiently deliver the food to the counter.


Bee Careful — 2214

Eye Tracker, Controller | 4 Players (1 vs 3)

Three players act as bees, utilizing eye trackers to assail the beekeeper, while one player assumes the role of a beekeeper, using a controller to capture bees.

Neck’n Nosh: Apple BOOM — 2214

DDR | 2 Players

A collaborative game in which one guest controls the body of the giraffe, and the other guest controls the neck, running and bending its neck to collect apples. Notice the flamingos! Bump against them, and you earn a gold apple!

VampStar — 2301

Phidget Light Sensor | 3 or more players

V-chan, the town’s favorite vampire idol, is set for her live show today! Beware of persistent paparazzi armed with strong flashlights trying to snap photos of her. As a genuine vampire, V-chan is uneasy, but her reliable bodyguard is here to shield her from the intrusive lights.

Wolfling’s Revenge — 2314

Jam-O-Drum | 4 Players

The Wolfling’s Revenge: a fun game for 4 friends via Jam O Drum. Pigs win if one survives; the Wolfling wins if all pigs are caught. Who will outsmart who?

The Mansion — 2321

PC & Controller | 2 Players

This game is a two-player competitive game. One of the guests play it as an action game with the protagonist who is a little girl, while another guest plays as the antagonist who is a ghost leader and controls the ghosts, and he may use strategies during the play.

Art Punk — 2404

Quest 2 | 1 Player

You are a kid who was not satisfied with the blank museum. You grabbed your color spray and music box to the museum and started to “create” your own art.

Kaiji Tower Arena — 2407

Quest 2 + Customized Platform | 1 Player

Escape the dreadful Kaiji Tower Arena! Remain focused and balanced. You just might win.

Gingerman Rush — 2416

Vive Trackers | 4 Players (2 vs 2)

Embark on a Christmas adventure as gingerbread men racing to decorate their houses before cunning foxes strike. In teams of two, players gather decorations and sprint to complete their festive
masterpiece, avoiding the peril of being devoured if time runs out. It’s a high-stakes, holiday-themed race against time!

Elf Run! — 2416

Quest 2 | 1 Player

“Elf Run” is a single-player Quest 2 experience. Just before Christmas Eve, the elves have decided to embark on a rebellion, stealing gifts because they feel they’ve never received any. The guest takes on the role of Santa, with the mission to catch the naughty elves and retrieve the stolen gifts to ensure a joyful Christmas once again. This kid-friendly game incorporates elements of running, catching, and hide-and-seek, creating a festive atmosphere that’s perfect for both the ETC Fall Festival and the
Christmas season.

Broom Witching — 2422

Broom, Vive Trackers | 1 Player

Become a magic maid and keep the haunted castle clean! Use the broom (an actual broom in real life!) with the help of magic potion to clean up as much trash as possible in a limited time.


Weirdows’98 — 3216

Arduino | 4 or more players

A secret mission to hack into our boss’ old 90s computer. Find clues and solve puzzles.
Don’t be afraid of the chaos!

Horror Ride — 3304

Egg Chair | 1 Player

Experience heart-pounding terror as you sit in an egg chair with Quest 3, exploring a haunted house and desperately evading vengeful spirits in this spine-tingling horror ride.

Beat Box — 3307

Voxon | 1-4 Players

The world is a rhythm game with fancy visuals on Voxon.

Nightmare Breaker — 3404

DDR Dance Pad, Cavern | 1 Player

Dive into a captivating gaming experience on the 270-degree cavern, immersing yourself in the whimsical and colorful dreams of children. As a nightmare breaker, you will navigate through various dreamscapes, racing against time to eliminate terrifying specters before the child wakes up.

Time Will Tell — 3405

Quest 3 | 4 Players

You’re on a quest to look for a hidden treasure that has eluded your family for years. Three brothers before you came close to finding it, but they failed to work together. Put together their clues to unlock the secret heirloom!

Toyzan — 3410

Arduino | 2-6 Players

In our world, guests become toys on a wall adorned with cat climbing frames. Falling from the top, they help each other climb back up—one using their hands, the other blowing to control the wind’s direction.

Bubble Fantasy — 3410

Quest 2 | 1 Player

An enchanting VR game where players manipulate captivating bubbles and adorable ducks in a
whimsical world.

Mamma Mia! — 3414

Quest 2 | 1 Player

A VR game featuring pineapples and Italian Pizza. The guest will play as a pepperoni defender and protect the Italian Pizza island from an invading pineapple pirate.

Sweet & Seal-ious — 3414

Quest 2 | 1 Player

Get in the inflatable boat, traverse a pink ocean, catch seals with a lollipop, and collect strawberry
cake slices!


ScrewDriver — 5418

Button, Steering Wheel | 2 Players

Have the two players collaborate to make and deliver the drink to the customers.

Ducky Party — 5420 (6:00 PM – 8:00 PM)

Jam-O-Drum | 2-4 Players

“Ducky Party” is a multiplayer Jam-O-Drum game for 2-4 players, featuring a choice between a Rubber Shark or a brave man. Brave man players aim to rescue ducks, while rubber shark players aim to catch as many as possible. Using the Jam-O-Drum’s wheels for character movement, players can
collaborate or control both wheels themselves. It’s an enjoyable experience encouraging replay by exploring different character actions. A leaderboard showcases scores at the game’s conclusion.

Goblet of Fire 5420 (8:00 PM – 10:00 PM)

Jam-O-Drum | 4 Players

Put four players in an arena with a straightforward but playful mechanic to battle it out!

Dating Egg 5420

Egg Chair, Tobii Eye Tracker | 3 Players

What happens if your eyes and mouth don’t listen to your brain during a date? Three players act as three body parts of one character, collaborate together, and win the date!