Avatar Tutorial

Create Your Avatar Assets

Now - Nov 30, 2020

1. Draw Concept Art

This is recommended, but we will not be seeing this. It is helpful to draw both side and front view for your asset.

Concept art done by one of our First Years, Lauren Zhang

2. Read Pipeline on Miro


  • Follow Set Colors (greyscale only)
  • Follow Layers and Masks
  • Follow boundaries for each body part

Link to Miro Guideline

Download PSD template

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 8.21.46 PM
Miro Pipeline

3. Create 'Profile'

pasted image 0
Use 'profile' photoshop template
Avatar System
Follow the boundary guideline for each section

4. Create 'Idle'

pasted image 0 (1)
Use 'idle' photoshop template
pasted image 0 (2)
Follow the boundary guideline for each section. Also make sure 2 sprites are in one png file.

5. Create 'Walk'

unknown (9)
Use 'walk' photoshop template
pasted image 0 (4)
Create 'walk left' and 'walk right'

6. Export .png

Please follow the naming convention on the right.

*Our team will replace 01 with your assigned serial number once submitted.

Hairstyle 'Profile'



  • Head01_Profile_Greyscale.png           
  • Head01_Profile_Mask_Skin.png            
  • Head01_Profile_Mask_Hair.png


  • Head01_Idle_Greyscale.png           
  • Head01_Idle_Mask_Skin.png           
  • Head01_Idle_Mask_Hair.png


  • Head01_Walk_Greyscale_Left.png
  • Head01_Walk_Mask_Skin_Left.png
  • Head01_Walk_Mask_Hair_Left.png
  • Head01_Walk_Greyscale_Right.png
  • Head01_Walk_Mask_Skin_Right.png
  • Head01_Walk_Mask_Hair_Right.png
Upper Body 'Profile'

Upper Body/Tops


  • Upperbody01_Profile_Greyscale.png              


  • Upperbody01_Idle_Greyscale.png   


  • Upperbody01_Walk_Greyscale_Left.png
  • Upperbody01_Walk_Greyscale_Right.png
Lower Body 'Walk'

Lower Body/Bottoms


  • Lowerbody01_Profile_Greyscale.png              


  • Lowerbody01_Idle_Greyscale.png   


  • Lowerbody01_Walk_Greyscale_Left.png
  • Lowerbody01_Walk_Greyscale_Right.png

7. Submit .pngs & .psd

Inside the folder:
  • If Head: 12 .pngs
  • If Upper: 4 .pngs
  • If Lower: 4 .pngs
  • + also Upload your .psd in the same folder as your .pngs
  • If you have multiple, please create a different folder for each asset.

How to Submit?

Send a submission email with a zipped folder or g-drive link to etc-cloudworks@lists.andrew.cmu.edu.

One of us will confirm with you if your submission is complete.

Create a zip file following this hierarchy and naming convention.

You're Done!

We can’t wait to see what amazing and fun assets everyone comes up with 🙂