The ETC Festival is a celebrated event hosted every Fall by Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). Here, students get to showcase and share the various games and interactive experiences they have created in a carnival-like event! 

Traditionally, Festival is held at the ETC building. However, due to Covid-19 keeping all of us in a remote environment, our Festival this year will become something completely new, something never tried before. 

The 2020 ETC Festival will be a live virtual event, filled with experiences and features that will help you enjoy the wonders of the ETC from the comfort of your home!

What Does Dec 12th Look like?

On December 12th, all the invited guests will have access to enter our virtual festival build. At the virtual festival, you’ll be able to design your own avatar, chat with one another via text or voice, and directly interact with students and experience their work.

There will be download links available for anyone interested in the various interactive projects. You can download and experience these projects whenever you would like! 

We will also be hosting a live stream program on YouTube that will be open to the public, so the Festival can be enjoyed by anyone from anywhere!